Lockwatch Permissions

Lockwatch uses the following app permissions.

In-app Purchases

Allows you to upgrade to Lockwatch Premium for a small fee to access additional features.


Determines your default email address when first starting the app.


Determines the phone's location so it can include a map in the email.


Sends an SMS to your friend with a map if there is no data connection. Premium Feature

Camera / Microphone

  • Takes a photo using the front camera to include in the email.
  • Records a short sound clip to include in the email. Premium Feature

Device ID & Call Information

Detects when a new SIM card is inserted so it can send you an email. Premium Feature


  • Sends the email using a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  • Ensures the phone does not sleep before the email is sent.
  • Sends an email after the phone is turned on. Premium Feature
  • Turns the data connection on and off automatically. Premium Feature
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