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These additional features are instantly available when you upgrade to Lockwatch Premium in the app for a small fee.

Simply open the Lockwatch app, slide to the Premium tab, and click on the upgrade message.


Detect SIM card changes

Sends you an email when a new SIM card is inserted into the phone. The email includes a photo and location, as well as details on the new SIM such as phone number, subscriber ID and network provider (where possible).


Send email after power on

If a thief steals your phone, one of the first things they might do is quickly switch it off. Lockwatch can detect if the phone has been switched off whilst still being locked. This will cause Lockwatch to send an alert each time the phone is switched back on, hopefully revealing their hide out.


Take multiple photos

Takes three photos of the intruder instead of one photo. Each photo is taken roughly one second apart so you get several angles of the person's face. These are all included in the email.


Record sound clip

Records 20 seconds of high quality sound using the built-in microphone. An MP4 audio file is included in the email.


Retry sending emails

If Lockwatch is unable to send the email (e.g. if there is no data connection), it will save the information on the phone and will retry sending it later when a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is available.


Ad Free

Removes all advertisements from within the app.