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Our privacy policy attempts to disclose the type of data that is collected by the Lockwatch app and our web site in simple to understand terms.

  • When a Lockwatch alert is triggered on your phone, the app establishes a secure connection (SSL) to send the alert details to our server so that the email can be reliably sent from there. The secure connection prevents your details from being intercepted between your device and our server.
  • We do not keep a copy of your email address, photos, or the audio files captured through the app. These are discarded immediately once the email is sent.
  • We use Google Analytics and log files to record anonymous high-level data which includes device models being used, languages used, approximate location, pages visited, and total emails sent per day.
  • The anonymous high-level data is only used to measure how different parts of the app and web site are being used in a general sense so we can improve existing features and make things better.
  • We do not use or provide any of information collected to any third-parties for marketing purposes. None of this information is up for sale.
  • Any log files are generally deleted after 1-2 weeks.

We have only the best intentions for the privacy of our users so we hope this satisfies your curiosity.