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Here's some of the fantastic reviews that we have received:

Absolutely brilliant

My wife left her phone in a shop, fortunately it had this app installed. We got three high-quality mugshots of the thief and the police were able to track him down and recover the phone. Highly recommended, and the premium upgrade even more so.



I used this when my phone was stolen and was totally able to track it and help the police with the investigation. I also got 3 perfect pictures of the person who stole it.


The most crucial app ever

Always my first and favorite download on every new device i own. Also the only app i will never EVER delete. Thank you for being the best Lockwatch. A million and one stars to you!


Awesome app

Someone stole my phone from my car today and this app literally helped me get it back. I honestly love this app. And I barely rate apps so this should say alot.


Saved Me

Love this app. My ex stole my cellphone and the police was able to charge him with robbery of the 2nd degree. He tried to lie and say he was at work but with this app the court knew the truth. Thanks so much.



All of those words that are used in reviews to describe Lockwatch don't even come close to doing justice to the quality of the product that you guys have produced. I thoroughly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication.